Daniel Molyneux, American Author, Judas Son of Simon

Daniel's passion is to make history and spiritual truths come alive for the reader.

Molyneux's first book was the historical novella, The Angel of Antioch, his second, Elias' Proverbs. His most recent book is the historical novel, Judas Son of Simon.

Daniel has a Doctorate from Fuller Seminary, a Master's from Austin Seminary and has done post-graduate studies at Concordia Seminary. Molyneux also has a Bachelor's from Rocky Mountain College, and studied at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, in London.

Daniel Molyneux, American Author, Judas Son of Simon, Russia
Daniel Molyneux, American Author, Helsinki, Finland
Daniel Molyneux, Author of Judas Son of Simon
Daniel Molyneux's novel, Judas Son of Simon