Daniel Molyneux


Daniel Molyneux, American Author, THE ANGEL OF ANTIOCH

Publisher: Moriah Books

ISBN: 978-0-6923496-3-2

LCCN:  201590093

Page Count: 110

Publication Date: January 13, 2015

"A parable like tale of spirituality, religion, and persecution. Molyneux's debut reads like Scripture, as it tells a story of a mysterious, increasingly popular spiritual instructor. Set in the ancient city of Antioch, some two centuries before the life of Jesus Christ, the tale centers around Elias, an unassuming teacher who awes his ever-growing audiences with his eloquent wisdom... A theologically intriguing novel that mimics the Bible's dramatic presentation." KIRKUS REVIEW

A stranger appears in Antioch's Great House of Prayer. Speaking words filled with power and wisdom, some believe he is an angel, others a prophet. But the religious leaders reject his words, considering him a dangerous fool; and the Emperor views him as a threat. Soon the Empire's capital is embroiled in conflict over the stranger, some believing him good and others evil.

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