Judas Son of Simon

by Daniel Molyneux

Judas Son of Simon, by Daniel Molyneux

Judas Son of Simon, by Daniel Molyneux

ISBN 13: 978-0-9970417-4-3

LCCN:  2016947374

Publisher: Moriah Books

LIBRARY JOURNAL: "In Molyneux's skillful hands, the story comes alive in a new way that humanizes Judas and provides insight into the life of Jesus...Emotionally intense and intricately plotted, this provocative novel profiles Judas in unexpected ways."

KIRKUS REVIEWS: "The story is most powerful when incorporating details of the time period. Even readers familiar with Judas’ life may not grasp the finer differences among the Sadducees, Pharisees, and Essenes or the threat of revolution apparent at the time. Likewise, information about the intersection of Roman and local powers provides insight into how a figure like Jesus, so seemingly innocuous to the mighty Roman Empire (particularly when compared with the violent Zealots), could be put to death in such a grisly way. Period particulars augment this multilayered portrayal of Judas."

SAN FRANCISCO REVIEW OF BOOKS: "As in Daniel's other novels Judas Son of Simon is history shared and the early stages of Christianity explored in a manner that makes them irresistibly fascinating…Daniel's gift for storytelling is fully unleashed here as he re-writes stories we have all learned and in doing so makes them so very much more real and tenable. Another very fine book from this young and sophisticated religious historian."

URBAN BOOK REVIEWS: "Judas Son of Simon by Daniel Molyneux is by far a great historical novel. The tale takes a deeper look into what, how, why Judas got to where he did. A better understanding of it came from reading this book. There are a lot of historical facts woven throughout the pages. Bringing the events to life.Faith, betrayal, hatred, violence, hope, and forgiveness are found here, as the main themes…the plot was entertaining and enticed me to the characters' journey…I enjoyed reading this book, and I recommend it to readers worldwide. Forgiveness is welcome to all you seek it."

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